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Re: Norvanilla

Post by mansquatch » Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:38 pm

When the defensive players have spoken about the scheme they speak to how it is "all technique". I've wondered if Zimmer expects a very high level of precision on technique from his players and that influences who starts? Of course this doesn't really seem to square with what we've seen from the OL. They are terrible all over. Maybe that is a case of having to start guys vs. wanting to?

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Re: Norvanilla

Post by Demi » Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:46 am

I agree with the two of you philosophically. Personally, I'm not as convinced about Treadwell's abilities as you guys are.
I didn't understand why they went WR either, but the die is cast.
They had a bunch of #3 guys on most teams. Their most "talented" receiver was a guy who'd likely be better as a HB. Who had issues breaking press. His routes were incompetent. He was an athlete trying to become a WR. Every Wr on this team is a backup level player on most teams. Or a specialist.

Is Treadwell a starting WR? Considering his stock he should be. Why wasn't he? Isn't he fast enough to run Norv's 7 step offense? Who knows. He doesn't "practice" well enough? Same issues a half dozen Vikings WRs have had in the last decade. We spent a first round pick on a receiver, our offense is garbage. There is zero reason he shouldn't be out there at this point. We've seen the guys we're trotting out there. They can't do the job. Can Treadwell? We don't know. But after seeing the offense that's been trotted out there, it's a question that deserves an answer. And it can't be answered when they aren't willing to ask it.
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