2016 Vikings Free Agency Thread (Discussion Thread)

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Re: 2016 Vikings Free Agency Thread (Discussion Thread)

Post by Jordysghost » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:26 pm

[quote="808vikingsfan"][quote="DK Sweets"]Don't get me wrong, he'd have better numbers than Teddy did, but he's not getting the 4,000 yards, 40 TDs, and 65% completion rate he's become accustomed to.[/quote]

Sorry to go off topic again but I just wanted to add this.

If Rodgers was greatly impacted by losing one WR (jordy), you can imagine what poor pass protection, poor run blocking, new receivers, and a new offensive philosophy would do to him.[/quote]

Rodgers dip in production was on account of WRs that couldnt win at the line, a non existant running game, and him simply being off.

He had a terrible O line, and no running game for his first 4 years as a starter. Not sure what your point is on tgis post, but just was pointing a couple things out for the purpose of clarity.
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